Albo’s Practice Diary #014: Lost in the magic of the Beatles

So I’m working on learning another Beatles tune, Here Comes the Sun, which is the fourth or fifth Beatles song that I’ve learned to play this past year, and I am once again amazed at the magic of the Beatles.  Their mark on the history of music and culture in undeniable, and there is nothing I could say now that could ever be an original comment on the subject, but I am compelled to share just my upmost appreciation for what they did.

(Collage for Beatles anniversary, by Kollage Kid)

As I practice this tune, which I finally got the hang of after almost three weeks of practicing (though it probably shouldn’t have taken that long… I was working on some other stuff in between), it amazes me how so much of their catalog was built around simple, straight-forward chord changes and very basic melodies.  A ton of their stuff is quite simple to play.  Hell, even a tune like Paperback Writer only has two chords in the entire song!

The technique used on Here Comes the Sun does require some intermediate ability, so if you’re like me and trying to learn this tune, don’t get frustrated if it takes some time to hit all the right notes.  To play it accurately and smoothly will take practice.  But despite needing an intermediate skill level, it doesn’t mean the song is all that complex.

And therein lies the magic.  The beauty of the Beatles’ simplicity.

All aspiring song writers take note.

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