Albo’s Practice Diary #008: Repairing a lifting bridge

Heat Stress!

Tonight was spent doing repairs.  A lifting bridge… aka the kiss of death… had struck.  And it all started with a typical summer backyard barbecue.

As the sun set and the s’mores came out, we all huddled around the campfire drinking some brews and talking ’bout how these are the best days of our lives.  “How’s the guitar coming, Albo?”  “pretty good, actually.”  “Hey, play a few tunes for us.”  “Yeah, ok, sure… let’s jam”

Playing guitar by a bonfire
An impromptu playlist followed of whatever three-chord tunes I could muster up as we all sang along.  Some played makeshift bongos.  Others a melody comprised of sticks on empty bottles.  It was magic.  The fire was raging and keeping us all nice and warm as the stars lit up the night sky.

And well, I guess it got a little to hot, or perhaps I was a little too close, and the bridge started to lift.  As Frank Ford says so eloquently about this situation: Heat Stress!  Apparently, if an acoustic gets too hot, the glue that binds the bridge begins to loosen and then can let go.  This I now know.

So after mulling around frustrated at my situation, I decided to just fix the darn thing and carry on.  live and learn.  And, as you read this, know that I’m smiling because I learned something new about guitar.  No new chops, or songs, or techniques, but knowledge about this fine instrument.

And that’s pretty cool.

Until next time, keep your bridge locked down and rock on.

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