Albo’s Practice Diary #007: 2nd attempt at Clapton’s “Signe”

Signe, Signe, everywhere is Signe…

Ok, pardon the opening pun, I’m actually here to talk about Clapton’s “Signe” from his Unplugged album.  Or, rather, my feeble attempt to learn this little tune on guitar.  I started practicing a few days ago and actually posted one of my first attempts here.

I’m excited to share that I’m making good progress!  I’m only about half way to where I want to be, since I have a lot of parts to perfect and really smooth out; but it’s nice to see that I’m getting better.  And it’s important to pause and appreciate this for a moment.

The regular practice… little by little, step by step… really does begin to pay off over time.  It just takes persistence and patience.

So, here is the next recording of my playing Signe.


Attempt #1… pretty rough

Attempt #2, two weeks later… getting a little better

Attempt #3…

You’ll notice there are three attempts listed, but only two recordings so far.  As I mentioned, I think I’m about half way there; at the mid point.  So, I’ve got more work to do.  Once I get it to a point where I’m all the way there, I’ll share that as well.

These examples further prove the point:  Practice leads to Improvement, and Progress can be seen over time.  Although I’m not actively measuring this progress, it is valuable to acknowledge it and take notice.

That’s all for today.  Until next time, remember the age-old mantra Practice makes perfect!

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