Albo’s Practice Diary #002: It takes ability AND confidence

Today was lesson day!  It had been a couple weeks since I met with my guitar teacher so I really made it a point to get there this week.

I was excited as we began reviewing some basic music theory (what is the relative minor of the key of C;  what are the root, tonic and dominant notes in the A major scale, etc.., etc…) and discussing the advantages of playing in open position vs. closed positions., etc.  But then it came time for me to demonstrate the music assignments from last week and I froze up. It was just the two of us there… not like a big crowd or anything to perform in front of… but still I was shaky and fumbling through the notes.

I don’t have a good explanation for why I was so nervous, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t practiced or anything.  As you know I try to make it a point to practice guitar every day.  But for some reason I got nervous and shy to perform.  And, truth be told, this isn’t the first time it has happened.

So this got me thinking…

If I’m going to become a true professional at this craft, I’m going to need to practice both my playing ability as well as my confidence to perform.

The first part is a little more straightforward and specific.  To improve my ability, I need to dedicate time and practice.   Tonight I’m on to p. 22 of Modern Method for Guitar book, “Etude No. 2 (duet).”  My assignment is to learn and play both parts… which is basically my teacher telling me to go play with myself :-0.   I also got a new song to practice though: “Signe” by Eric Clapton.  That should keep me busy for few weeks.  I’ll post a recording once I’ve gone through a couple times.


The second part though about building confidence is little more vague.

Like many others out there, I’m not exactly overflowing with swagger.  I’m sociable enough… I’m fine with meeting new people and all that… but I guess I’m not exactly a “show off.”  If I’m going to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans one day, however, I kinda need to show off a little though.  So going forward, in these practice journal entries I’ll start including ways I’m building on my confidence as well as my playing ability.

I’ll need your help though!  Please include some suggestions below… some “homework” assignments are fine too.  Any and all ideas are welcome.

OK, that’s all for tonight.

Until next time, remember to keep on rocking.

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